Ernst Has Left Iowans More Vulnerable by Downplaying the Crisis Since Day One, Opposing Critical Health and Economic Relief

After Senator Joni Ernst devoted months to downplaying the coronavirus and ardently defending the GOP’s disastrous federal response to the pandemic, new audio recordings released by CNN reveal President Trump admitting that he purposely misled the American people by concealing the threat of the virus.

Senator Ernst has earned national ridicule for the lengths she’ll go to defend her own party’s disastrous response – including her embarrassing CNN State of the Union interview where she hypocritically praised Trump’s COVID-19 failure while standing by her criticism of President Obama’s handling of the Ebola crisis.

Despite the dire warnings from health experts and the serious health and economic impacts, Senator Ernst continues to fall in lock-step with her party leaders by downplaying the pandemic since Day One – even as Iowa has consistently faced one of the worst outbreaks in the country:

  • Told constituents that Democrats were “trying to stir up the panic

  • Claimed that Iowa has “fared pretty well”

  • Pushed QAnon-backed conspiracy theories that health care providers are purposely inflating COVID-19 deaths and cases for profit.

Not only that – Senator Ernst’s actions have risked leaving Iowans more vulnerable to the crisis:

“Since day one, Senator Ernst put her political party above all else – even when it means leaving Iowans more vulnerable and unprepared in a global health and economic crisis,” said Jeremy Busch, Iowa Democratic Party spokesperson. “Even now with over 1,100 Iowans dead from the virus, Senator Ernst still refuses to grapple with the severity of the crisis, and instead is spending her time peddling false conspiracy theories that attack health care heroes and downplay the threat. Senator Ernst should apologize to Iowa’s health care workers and answer if she still stands by the federal government’s failed COVID-19 response.”

WATCH: While COVID-19 Spread, Ernst Downplaying the Threat