Defending a Failed Testing System and Forcing Workers into Dangerous Conditions, Iowa GOP Leaders’ Reckless Actions Have Already Resulted in More Spread

Today, Dr. Anthony Fauci warned the nation that prematurely reopening could lead to “suffering and death that could be avoided” – but due to Governor Kim Reynolds and Senator Joni Ernst ignoring expert warnings and pushing to reopen quickly, Iowans are witnessing Fauci’s nightmare scenario in real time.

Since social distancing guidelines were irresponsibly rolled back on May 1, Iowa has seen some of its highest daily cases and deaths from COVID-19 – even as Iowa’s limited testing has been riddled with errors and the Reynolds administration blocks transparency. Iowa’s projected peak in daily and total deaths has also spiked due to reopening.

In fact, Senator Ernst and Governor Reynolds’ reckless steps have thrust Iowa into the national spotlight with some of the worst outbreaks in the country – most critically hitting meat plant workers with enormous spikes after Reynolds and Ernst pushed the White House to force Iowans back on the line without the protective equipment they need. But shamefully, Iowa’s dire outlook has not stopped Reynolds and Ernst from taking victory laps and heaping political praise on the federal government’s categorically failed response to the crisis.

“There is simply no excuse for Governor Reynolds’ and Senator Ernst’s complete disregard for the human costs of their push to reopen without the widespread testing and protective equipment Iowans need,” said Mandy McClure, Iowa Democratic Party Communications Director. “Governor Reynolds and Senator Ernst owe it to Iowans to explain why their political agenda is more important than our health, jobs, and community.”