For Ernst, ‘Making Washington Squeal’ Ends When Her Political and Personal Benefits are on the Line

DES MOINES – Today marks the one-year anniversary since Senator Joni Ernst, Iowa’s most unpopular Republican, refused to give up her paycheck as her party caused the longest shutdown in U.S. history. Yet, here in Iowa, Senator Ernst hypocritically campaigned by saying senators shouldn’t get paid if they can’t pass a budget on time.

WATCH: Senator Ernst Cashes In Paycheck During Republican Shutdown

“Despite her pledge to ‘make Washington squeal,’ from Day One Senator Ernst has also bent the rules when she stands to personally benefit,” said Jeremy Busch, Iowa Democratic Party spokesperson. “It’s clear to Iowans that Senator Ernst didn’t follow through on her promises and worse, has become a part of the problem.”

This is far from Senator Ernst’s first run-in with blazen hypocrisy over her record. Just last month, Senator Ernst was called out for denouncing dark money while she and her campaign were actually illegally coordinating with a dark money group they set up to boost her re-election.