Which David Young Will Show Up Today in Council Bluffs?

//Which David Young Will Show Up Today in Council Bluffs?
Congressman David Young can’t decide whether he’s with the President in this reckless Twitter Trade War or the rural families of Iowa suffering its effects. 
The last thing farmers in the Third District need is more uncertainty, but their Congressman can’t seem to decide if he’s on their side or if he’ll bow – again – to his partisan special interests, this time on trade.

In a rare display of backbone, Congressman Young told State Fairgoers in August that the Twitter Trade War made him “nervous” and said that the Trade War should “end now,” both reasonable positions when the Trump Administration keeps escalating tensions with China and does not appear to have an exit strategy.

Unfortunately, Congressman Young seemed to reverse his position just a few weeks later saying he was now supported the Trade War when U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Purdue visited the state on an apology tour that did nothing to assuage farmers’ fears.

This begs the question: which David Young will join President Trump in Council Bluffs this evening? Will he stand up for Iowa farmers or will he put his Party and a President’s ego ahead of fighting for his constituents?

“Farmers in the Third District have enough to worry about right now without having their Representative flip flopping with political winds about whether or not he’s actually going to stand up for them. Rural Iowans will be watching closely this evening to see which David Young shows up to rally with the President in Council Bluffs,” said Iowa Democratic Party Spokesperson Tess Seger.

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