Reynolds Fails Again to Lead on Sexual Harassment

//Reynolds Fails Again to Lead on Sexual Harassment

Expressed “Faith” in Senator Bill Dix to Handle Sexual Harassment following $1.75 Million Lawsuit


Today’s news about Senator Bill Dix’s inappropriate relationship with a lobbyist cast in to stark relief the lack of competent leadership on sexual harassment coming from the Republican caucus. It raises several questions for the Governor of our state, especially considering the fact that she previously expressed her “faith” in Dix to handle the situation.

A reminder of that incident from November is included below:

November 16, 2017
Contact: Tess Seger
(503) 473 – 7624

TBT: Governor Reynolds Expresses “Faith” in Senator Bill Dix to Handle Sexual Harassment

Des Moines, IA – In light of several announcements and explanations from Senator Bill Dix this week concerning sexual harassment in the State Senate, the Iowa Democratic Party is throwing it back to when Governor Reynolds gave Dix her full support following the verdict in the Kirsten Anderson case, which she still has not withdrawn.

In the immediate aftermath of the original verdict that awarded $2.2 million taxpayer dollars to a former GOP Senate Staffer, Governor Reynolds said “I am appreciative in the steps that they are taking, and I have faith in Sen. Dix that he … has taken the necessary steps to make sure that is not going to be tolerated in the workplace.”

Since then, Senator Dix has failed to be transparent or effective in investigating sexual harassment claims in the Capitol, even drawing criticism from a conservative radio host for his handling of the situation. Dix even went as far as to try and downplay the seriousness of sexual harassment in the Capitol, saying it “happens all the time.”

The Iowa Democratic Party and others have called on Senator Dix to resign. We asked Governor Reynolds to join that effort. Again, Governor Reynolds has still not withdrawn her support.

Reynolds has also been called out for her lack of leadership and misplaced priorities in the handling of this case by many, including the victim herself.

“This case is a black mark on the moral character of our state, not to mention a waste of taxpayer dollars, and Governor Reynolds’ failure to lead has only made it worse.” said Iowa Democratic Party Spokesperson Tess Seger. “Governor Reynolds needs to put aside her party loyalty and demand robust accountability for sexual harassment in the Capitol, starting by expressing support for the victims and asking for Senator Dix’s resignation.”

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