April 20th, 2016 Posted In: News, Press Release

DES MOINES—Today Chuck Grassley, who insists he isn’t feeling any “pressure” from his grossly unpopular Supreme Court obstructionism, says he might skip the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, the first he’d miss since 1980, in order to campaign. Iowa Democratic Party Communications Director Sam Lau issued the following statement in response:

“Chuck Grassley seems to think hiding from his party’s national convention might alleviate the pressure he feels from refusing to do his job and his ties to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. But Iowans won’t forget how Grassley validated Trump’s hateful policies when he warmly introduced him at a rally before the caucuses, or how he’s holding a seat open on the Supreme Court for Trump to fill.  Whether or not Grassley attends the convention, he remains the face of his party’s obstructionism and will tackle the re-election fight of his career. Simply put, the pressure is getting to Chuck Grassley.”

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