June 15th, 2018 Posted In: News

Cook Political Report Moves the Iowa Governor’s Race from Likely R to Toss Up

More bad news for Governor Kim Reynolds as the Cook Political Report this morning moved the Iowa Governor’s race from Likely R to Toss Up.

It’s no wonder forecasters see trouble on the horizon for Reynolds. Reynolds’ own campaign strategy reveals she can’t run on her own disastrous record.

Her administration has been plagued by scandalsmismanagementfailing policies, and an extreme agenda out of step with the people of Iowa. All the while, Reynolds continues to put partisanship over helping Iowa families with the escalating Trade War, many of whom make up the very base of voters she is counting on.

On top of all this, Reynolds faces a formidable opponent in Fred Hubbell and historic enthusiasm levels from Iowa Democrats. In recent special elections, Democrats have outperformed their 2016 margins by over 20 points on average.

“Reynolds’ mismanagement and misplaced priorities have plagued her campaign from day one, and this race will only get more difficult for her as Iowans learn about her record. Democrats know the stakes, we have the energy, and we will elect Fred Hubbell the next Governor of Iowa this fall ,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price.

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