Beginning in 2014, the Iowa Democratic Party set out on a mission to expand Iowans’ participation in our caucuses. After many discussions with Democratic leaders and activists across the state, we are thrilled this year to be moving forward with caucus expansion initiatives that we believe will only make the great caucus process even better:


As part of the IDP’s continuing effort to expand participation in the Iowa Democratic Precinct Caucuses, for the first time ever the party will hold a Tele-Caucus for military members serving out-of-state and Iowans living abroad. The Tele-Caucus will take place at the same day and time, February 1 at 7 p.m. CST, as the precinct caucuses.

The Tele-Caucus is available to Iowans who are registered to vote and covered under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) and any active duty member of the military who is outside the borders of Iowa on the day and time of the Iowa Caucuses. This would include:

  • Members of the military stationed outside Iowa
  • Military family members living abroad
  • Members of the Peace Corps
  • Diplomatic Corps
  • Students and other Iowans living abroad

Satellite Caucuses 

The IDP had long heard concerns that it was very difficult for some Iowans, specifically Iowans with limited means of mobility or Iowans on the job at night, to participate in the caucus.

We heard those concerns and loud and clear. Which is why for the first time ever, the Iowa Democratic Party will be holding satellite caucus locations for Iowa Democrats who are unable to participate in their precinct caucus due to a hardship (limited to distance, mobility or time).

Satellite caucuses will take place at the same date and time, February 1 at 7pm CST, as the precinct caucuses, and will also be run in much the same way.

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