June 7th, 2018 Posted In: News

On this Throwback Thursday, the Iowa Democratic Party is taking it all the way back to last week when Governor Reynolds, once again, failed the people of rural Iowa who are counting on her in this critical time.

For a year now, Governor Reynolds has been bragging about her unprecedented access to the White House, but Iowans are still waiting for results.

This wait has become increasingly dire as the Des Moines Register reported that Trump’s trade war with Mexico could push losses for Iowa pork producers to $560 million.

To add insult to injury, despite Reynolds’ supposed negotiations with Trump on biofuels, Trump’s EPA is crippling the biofuels industry by giving oil refineries waivers to use less ethanol.

“Either Kim Reynolds is completely ineffective in negotiations with President Trump on his dangerous trade war that will devastate Iowa’s agricultural economy or she’s choosing to let Trump off the hook and put party politics ahead of the people who need her most,” said Iowa Democratic Party Spokesperson Tess Seger.

“She has done nothing to hold Donald Trump accountable, instead she welcomes his cronies with open arms. She has done nothing to produce solutions for the Iowa farmers – and their communities – who will be decimated by this trade war. Her talks on biofuels have clearly gotten us nowhere. Rural Iowans need leadership now more than ever, but Kim Reynolds can’t or won’t deliver.”

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