March 10th, 2018 Posted In: News

Working and Middle Class Families will still face cuts from Reynolds, Republicans.

The latest report from the Iowa Revenue Estimating Conference came out today with more bad news for Governor Reynolds and the working families she and her Republican allies in the legislature target with cuts. Despite estimated revenue gains, lawmakers will still have to make mid-year cuts and have no plan to pay back the tens of millions of dollars they borrowed last year.

With today’s confirmation that the crisis will continue, the Iowa Democratic Party has updated our website to keep Iowans in the know about the mismanagement of our state budget.

“The governor can try to sell us her magical fiscal policy that defies math all she wants, but Iowans know B.S. when they smell it,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price. “This report means there will still be cuts to critical services for working families because Republicans refuse to consider that Reynolds’ tax free-for-alls might be the problem, but the real insanity here is that Governor Reynolds is proposing more tax giveaways to benefit her donors and special interest buddies when she has proof that they don’t work.”


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