Party Leadership & Staff

We're made up of a State Central Committee, 99 county chairs and thousands of involved Iowans who care deeply about their state.

Derek Eadon



Andrea Phillips

1st Vice Chair


Jordan Pope

2nd Vice Chair


June Owen

3rd Vice Chair


Ben Foecke
Executive Director, IDP

Melissa Watson
Chief Financial Officer

Monica Biddix
Communications Director

Mike Frosolone
House Caucus Director

Amber Morrow
Senate Campaign Director


Tamyra Harrison
Polk County Executive Director

Julianne Klampe
Political Director

Davis Manoushagian
IDP Deputy Finance Director

Erika Bartlett
IDP Finance and Operations Director

Andrew Nelson
House Field Director

Sean Herring
Senate Field Director



Eva Mitchell 
Data Director

Roy Pagans
Deputy Operations Director

Adam Beaves
House Deputy Caucus Director

Zach Engstrom
Senate Finance Director