August 6th, 2018 Posted In: News

In honor of the anniversary of the signing of the Voting Rights Act, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price released the following statement:

Over the course of American history, we have fought endlessly to live up to our promise of a more perfect union. The Voting Rights Act was a crucial step in fulfilling that promise.

For over half a century the Voting Rights Acts has protected our citizens’ say in our Democracy. We know that our state and our nation are stronger when more people exercise their right to vote.

While Republicans in this state and across the nation actively attempt to make it harder to vote through voter ID laws and other voter suppression tactics, the Iowa Democratic Party is reaffirming our commitment to ensuring every American has a voice at the ballot box.

Voting is the most patriotic act we can do as American citizens, and I hope all Iowans will join me in exercising our right to vote this November.

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