June 28th, 2018 Posted In: News

In response to the news this morning of the Supreme Court’s decision to allow corporations and conservative special interests to rig our economy and democracy in favor of their power and profits, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price released the following statement:

“From the start, Janus v. AFSCME was nothing but a blatant political attack on working people aimed at rigging our economy and Democracy in favor of the special interests who line Republican campaign coffers. 

America’s labor unions woven in to the fabric of our nation. They empower American workers, whether they were union members or not, in their struggle to achieve the American Dream. Today’s Supreme Court decision is a set-back, but it will not shatter that dream.

With elected officials in Iowa and D.C. picking winners and losers — and working people ending up on the losing end every time — we need strong unions now more than ever. Iowa Democrats will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with our union brothers and sisters and take our Democracy and our economy back from those trying to exploit us for profit. We believe in the value and worth of every Iowan, and we will take that solidarity to the ballot box in November.”

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