January 9th, 2018 Posted In: News

Today, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price delivered the following response to Governor Reynolds’ Condition of the State address:

“We just watched Governor Reynolds’ first Condition of the State address.  And, while she presents a rosy picture of our state, Iowans see the consequences of Governor Reynolds’ failed leadership in our communities every single day. Governor Reynolds has consistently supported and helped to implement policies that make it harder for Iowa families to get ahead. From underfunding our children’s education, to gutting workers’ rights, to protecting her failed ReynoldsCare program that is costing Iowans their lives – the list goes on and on, but Iowans cannot. We simply can’t afford another four years of Governor Reynolds’ misplaced, partisan priorities.

This is why Democrats stand ready to fight for Iowa values during this legislative session and in the 2018 midterms. We’re going to fight for an economy that works for everyone, accessible, quality education for our future workforce; a health care system that lowers cost while giving Iowans the care they need, and leadership that listens to the people of Iowa instead of silencing our voice with voter suppression laws.

You deserve leaders you can trust to put your needs and your communities ahead of partisanship, special interests, and fragile egos. We know that you want leaders who will work together to produce results for Iowa, and that’s what the Democrats stand prepared to deliver in 2018.”

Audio version can be found here.

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