February 16th, 2017 Posted In: News, Press Release

DES MOINES – In response to the passing of Republican-sponsored,  SF213 and HF291, bills that gut a Chapter 20 law that has worked well for forty years to the benefit of working men and women in Iowa, IDP Chair, Derek Eadon issued the following statement:

“This assault on worker’s rights is an attack on thousands of Iowa families. This bill does nothing to create jobs in Iowa, and it will only make it more difficult for Iowans to get ahead in the future. Bills targeting collective bargaining will adversely affect our children’s education, result in layoffs, compromise the safety of public employees and drive down wages across the state. The fact that Democratic lawmakers are showing up and pushing back against this bill highlights the fact that we are the only party standing up for the working men and women of Iowa. We are a party that believes hard work should be rewarded and that we should keep promises to workers who have made our state what it is today.

“Republican state senators experienced one sleepless night last night. That’s nothing compared to the countless sleepless nights thousands of Iowans will endure as a result of Republican’s reckless behavior. We applaud all Democratic lawmakers and our partners in labor who have fiercely fought back against the GOP’s deliberate attacks on the middle class. Republicans continue to govern with zero consideration of the consequences of their actions. It’s reckless behavior that will destroy Iowa’s economy. Iowa Republicans have a responsibility to listen to their constituents back home instead of holding closed door meetings and shutting workers out of the process to negotiate their own rights.

“When Governor Branstad signs the bill into law, it will be just another example of Branstad/Reynolds doubling down on putting corporate interests ahead of economic security. Governor Branstad is using his last days in office to fulfill the real legacy of the Branstad/Reynolds administration: breaking the backs of hardworking Iowans with misguided and careless legislation. Terry Branstad and Kim Reynolds have not come close to fulfilling their promises of making Iowa’s economy stronger. Their legacy is filled with bad deals for the middle class and tax breaks for corporations that did little to grow Iowa’s rural economy. Teachers, public safety workers, and government employees are not the reason rural economies have not been growing. Terry Branstad and Kim Reynolds’ reckless policies are the reason Iowans are worse off now than they were 6 years ago.”


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