April 15th, 2016 Posted In: News, Press Release


DES MOINES – IDP Communications Director Sam Lau issued the following statement in response to Chuck Grassley’s endorsement of Steve King:


“It is fitting that Chuck Grassley, who is refusing to do his job in the Senate, would endorse Steve King, who was recently named the least effective member of Congress. Iowans can’t count on either of them to put the needs of working families above their partisan posturing.

“Unfortunately, this is the type of representation Iowans have come to expect from their Republican delegation in Washington—a commitment to obstructionism over progress, and extreme ideology over middle class priorities.


“Chuck Grassley and Steve King have both been in Washington far too long. Kim Weaver and the Iowa Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate are running to finally give Iowans the representation they deserve in Congress.”



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