January 12th, 2018 Posted In: News

Just days after telling the people of Iowa that she was committed to combatting sexual harassment, Governor Reynolds failed to denounce Governor Eric Greitens or return the money he raised for her campaign after he came under fire for allegations of sexual blackmail and abuse.

Instead, Reynolds used the same, tired political rhetoric she has employed previously to give her allies like Bill Dix and Donald Trump political cover. Despite professing a “zero tolerance” policy, Reynolds failed to call on Greitens to resign and return the contributions she received associated with his appearance at her fundraiser.

“Time and time again, Governor Reynolds has put her partisan, political alliances ahead of moral leadership for our state – with Donald Trump, Bill Dix, and now Eric Greitens. It’s clear for Kim Reynolds that ‘zero tolerance’ does not apply to her political allies. It’s no wonder Iowans are fed up and looking for a new governor. Iowa deserves a leader who will hold us all to the same standard and provide an example of action, not empty words,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price.

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