August 8th, 2016 Posted In: News, Press Release

DES MOINES –  Iowa Democratic Party Chair, Dr. Andy McGuire, issued the following statement on Donald Trump’s proposed economic plans:

“Americans know everything they need to know about Donald Trump’s economic plans from his business record. Trump has made a career of outsourcing jobs to China, Turkey, Bangladesh, India and other countries. His plans for our economy rely on more outsourcing, tax breaks for corporations and tax benefits for the top 1 percent. How can we trust a financial plan from someone who refuses to release his tax returns? We’ve seen enough to know Trump’s dealings are not financially sound or fiscally fair.”

“Hillary Clinton’s economic plan will directly benefit working families by creating new Iowa jobs with investments in infrastructure and manufacturing. Hillary Clinton’s economic vision prioritizes small businesses and builds an economy for everyone, not just those at the top. Clinton is a qualified leader with the temperament to create jobs and grow our economy. She has a proven track record of financial responsibility and fairness. She is someone we can trust.”


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