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June 6th, 2018 Posted In: News

Tonight, at the kick off of her General Election campaign, Kim Reynolds chose to lob personal attacks at Fred Hubbell instead of focusing on the issues that matter to Iowans Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price released the following statement in response:

“Kim Reynolds launched her general election campaign with personal attacks because she knows she can’t run on her failed record.

Iowa has always been a place where folks can get together, have serious conversations about the problems we’re facing and how to solve them but still respect each other at the end of the day. Unfortunately, Kim Reynolds showed right out of the gate that she’s more interested in making this campaign about nasty personal attacks than the very serious challenges facing our state.

“Reynolds could have talked about fixing Medicaid or finding more opportunities for hardworking Iowans. She could have talked about bringing this state together. Instead, she resorted to cheap, distorted attacks because she’s afraid to talk about her own extreme record and policy agenda.

“Iowans deserve a Governor who will focus on how we can work together to make our state a better place, and, luckily, they have that person in Fred Hubbell.

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May 1st, 2018 Posted In: News

In honor of International Workers’ Day, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price released the following statement:

Today, we say thank you to working men and women across Iowa who continue to be strong advocates for the dignity of working people. The contributions of the Labor movement extend far beyond their workplace and into each and every community in Iowa. It is our workers who are the backbone of our state, working tirelessly to ensure the strength and vitality of our communities and their fellow Iowans.

These working men and women are the first responders in an emergency, keep our roadways safe, our power lines running, teach our students, and run the day to day operations in our county and state governments. They fill the thousands and thousands of jobs that keep our communities vital and strong. They are the heart of every neighborhood and community in Iowa. Without their work, we would not have safe, clean and healthy schools, courthouses and workplaces for all our citizens.

We have seen an unprecedented attack on workers and their rights here in Iowa, but union members have led the charge to fight back against these senseless attacks and help protect all of our voices. On this International Workers Day, the Iowa Democratic Party is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters in the Labor movement and will continue our steadfast defense of working men and women across Iowa.

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April 30th, 2018 Posted In: News

Governor Reynolds still has many questions to answer this week after her complete mishandling of the circumstances around the termination of Iowa Finance Authority Director Dave Jamison. Over the weekend, more stories of inappropriate behavior at the Iowa Finance Authority came to light, further calling in to question Reynolds’ lack of action and transparency throughout this whole process.

As we head in to this week, these are the key questions Iowans still need answers to:

  1. Why did Governor Reynolds need to wait over 4 weeks from receiving the information to order an investigation? Why did she delay action until the complaint letter was made public? Given that she was not planning on releasing those details at all until last Thursday, was she ever planning on investigating these highly inappropriate allegations?
  2. Why didn’t the IFA employee who ultimately reported Jamison to the governor feel comfortable going to DAS or her Human Resources Department? Is this a widespread fear at the Iowa Finance Authority? In other government offices?
  3. Why did Director Jamison believe he could fire employees as retribution for reporting his own inappropriate behavior?
  4. Are there other allegations of sexual harassment that have gone unaddressed in the Reynolds Administration?
  5. Have any employees been fired, transferred, or penalized in any other way as retaliation for rebuffing or reporting sexual harassment or other workplace misconduct?

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April 27th, 2018 Posted In: News

Despite not having the actual legislation finalized, Governor Kim Reynolds and Legislative Republicans announced their plan to give away hundreds of millions of state revenue dollars, a move that virtually guarantees the Reynolds Budget Crisis will get worse. Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price released the following statement in response:

“It’s no surprise that, in the middle of a budget crisis of their own making, Kim Reynolds and her Republican allies would still find the money to give their special interest and corporate donors a tax giveaway. Iowa deserves leaders who will invest in our communities and give us the tools, like education and health care, to grow our economy, not sinking all our tax dollars in to these budget-busting free-for-alls for Reynolds’ campaign donors.”

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