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June 12th, 2018 Posted In: News

On Saturday, June 16th, the Iowa Democratic Party will hold the 2018 State Democratic Convention. Democrats will gather together to celebrate our new general election candidates and conduct Party business.

Press can anticipate that the convention will gavel in at 9:00 AM and business will include the announcement of the candidate for Lieutenant Governor, debate of Constitutional Amendments, and election of the statewide Affirmative Action chair.

Speakers will include Gubernatorial Nominee Fred Hubbell, the nominee for Lieutenant Governor,  and featured speaker Jason Kander.

RSVP to Tess Seger,

WHO: Iowa Democratic Party, Gubernatorial Nominee Fred Hubbell, the nominee for Lieutenant Governor, featured speaker Jason Kander, and 2018 Democratic nominees.

WHAT:  Iowa Democratic Party 2018 State Convention, click here for more information.

WHERE:  Iowa Event Center, HyVee Hall, 730 3rd St, Des Moines, IA 50309

WHEN: Saturday, June 16th
7:00 AM          Delegate registration begins
8:30 AM          Constituency Caucuses meet
9:00 AM          Convention gavel
10:00 AM        Alternate delegate seating begins
10:30 AM        Tentative start of business.

Business will begin once the seating of alternates is complete. Business will include: Announcement of Lieutenant Governor, Debate amendments to Iowa Democratic Party Constitution, Election of State Affirmative Action Chair, Debate and discuss the platform.

All events after 10:00 AM are subject to the timing of delegate seating. 

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June 12th, 2018 Posted In: News

IDP calls on Reynolds to release records of communication with Trump and clearly say where she stands on her party’s trade war.

Today, the Iowa Democratic Party is calling on Governor Reynolds to release the proof behind her claims she has stood up to the White House on trade and clearly say where she stands on her party’s trade war – a war that is now threatening Iowa’s two biggest trading partners.

In response to serious questions about her lack of action on the trade war, Reynolds bragged that she stood up to the Administration on this issue, but Iowans still haven’t seen any results. That’s why the IDP is calling on Reynolds to release all records of her communications with the White House since May 2017, including her June 2017 meeting, her October 2017 call with the President, and her April 2018 meeting with him in Washington D.C. on trade.

“Empty political rhetoric just isn’t enough for the Iowa farmers losing hundreds of millions of dollars because Kim Reynolds can’t effectively advocate for Iowa or come up with solutions to help Iowa families survive,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price. “Iowans need answers. We need to know exactly what the Governor did when she negotiated with the Administration on the Trade War and where she stands on it continuing.”

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June 8th, 2018 Posted In: News

There’s too much at stake in the state of Iowa for Democrats to take the weekend off. We have to make sure every Iowan knows they have an ally and an advocate in the Democratic Party.

That’s why, this weekend across Iowa, communities are coming together for the first Weekend of Action of the General Election, and Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price will be joining activists and volunteers as they kick off canvasses, open Campaign for Iowa offices, and march in parades. 

Members of the press who are interested in attending events with Chair Price should RSVP to Tess Seger at

Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price Weekend of Action Events


Linn County
WHAT: Weekend of Action Canvass Kick Off, Cedar Rapids
WHEN: 1:00 PM
WHERE: 3032 Ridgemore Dr SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403

Delaware County
WHAT: Weekend of Action Canvass Kick Off, Manchester
WHEN: 2:15 PM
WHERE: 105 Gay St, Manchester, IA 52057

Jackson County
WHAT: Campaign for Iowa, Maquoketa Office Opening
WHEN: 5:00 PM
WHERE: 101 Westgate Dr, Maquoketa, IA 52060


Capital City Pride Parade
WHO: Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price and Charlotte Hubbell, Democratic Candidates and Campaigns with the Story County Democrats
WHEN: 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
WHERE: East Village, Des Moines, IA, Parade begins at State Capitol and proceeds down Grand Ave.
MORE DETAILS: Capital City Pride

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June 7th, 2018 Posted In: News

Kim Reynolds consistently puts her extreme conservative special interest donors and political buddies ahead of the people of Iowa. Nowhere is this more apparent than the state budget, and Iowa’s “fields of opportunity” are drying up as a result.

That’s why young Iowa Democrats gathered together to speak out about the future. House Appropriations Ranking Member Chris Hall, Educator and Des Moines School Board Member Kyrstin Delagardelle Shelley, and College Student and I-35 School Board Member Josh Hughes are joining Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price today to speak out about the failures of the Reynolds Administration.

Interested parties can watch the video of the event here.

I-35 School Board Member and Rural Public School Student Josh Hughes:
“Republicans have been deaf to the needs of students and teachers when they’re setting budgets for education. Not only that, but they’ve attacked Iowa teachers and the teaching profession collective bargaining. These policies are backwards and they’re hurting Iowans like me and my family [in rural Iowa].”

On young people in Iowa: “Young Iowans like me, we see this news about attacking immigrant families and banning abortion, and it makes us not want to live in a place where the state government is pushing regressive, right wing policies. The truth is that youth in Iowa are being left behind by Republican policies.”

Des Moines School Board Member and Teacher Kyrstin Delagardelle Shelley:
“Governor Reynolds and anti-public education legislators can talk all they want about how they support Iowa’s schools. The proof is in our classrooms where I know the real story. I know that school districts across the state are suffering from cuts that have gone on too long and those cuts are affecting our students.”

House Appropriations Committee Ranking Member Chris Hall:
“Right now in Cedar Falls, the Board of Regents is meeting and they’ve guaranteed the legislature that [Reynolds’ education cuts] are going to have an impact on tuition in the coming years.

Student debt is holding back our economy because now those young people can’t afford to purchase things like their first home, which would help spark our economy here in Iowa. It’s also holding back single parents who want to go back to community college but are being priced out. So rather than upgrading their skills and earning a higher wage, they are no longer able to.”

Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price:
“Iowa families are being left behind by Kim Reynolds and her extreme, conservative agenda. That’s why Democrats are so fired up to get out there, talk to our friends and neighbors, and let folks know that Democrats have their backs. Our mission is to invest in and empower the people of Iowa – not Kim Reynolds’ out of state, special interests looking to turn a profit at our expense.”

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