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December 11th, 2017 Posted In: News


Tomorrow is election day in the Senate District 3 special election. Find out  more about the election and where to vote here.  If you are interested in volunteering to get Todd elected, please contact Blair Lawton at

Our Democratic Candidate, Todd Wendt is running for the Iowa senate because he wants to return Iowa to #1 in education, restore the dignity to public service, and provide the fiscal discipline necessary to balance the state budget.  You can learn more about Todd at

Any questions or problems voting, call 833-336-VOTE (833-336-8683)

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December 10th, 2017 Posted In: News

Only 35% say they’ll vote for Reynolds, 49% ready for a change


new poll out today from the Des Moines Register shows half of Iowans are prepared to replace Governor Reynolds with someone new. Only 35% of Iowans say they would vote for Reynolds if the election was held today compared with 49% who say it’s time for someone new. Iowa Democrats are ready to provide Iowans with a better choice for Governor in 2018.

“It’s no surprise that Iowans want change in 2018. We’ve seen what Governor Reynolds’ mismanagement and misplaced priorities have gotten us: a massive budget crisis, workers’ rights stripped, a failing privatized Medicaid system, and the worst GDP growth in the country. Iowans can’t afford another couple months of Governor Reynolds, let alone another four years,”  said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price. “Democrats stand ready to fight for responsible, cooperative government focused on results for the people of Iowa.”

Key excerpts from the report below:

“I’m in health care, so I’ve been very disappointed with the (managed care organizations) and the Medicaid decisions that were made and the implications that’s had for our community and our patients,” said Cunningham, 40, who works in nursing. “So I’m just not interested in continuing under that leadership.”

“Those who want a new occupant at Terrace Hill include 77 percent of Democrats, 51 percent of independents and 18 percent of Republicans.”

“Although Reynolds is the state’s first female governor, women are more likely than men to say they prefer someone new in office, 53 percent to 46 percent. And in each congressional district, more Iowans say it’s time for someone new than say they’d vote for Reynolds.”

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December 8th, 2017 Posted In: News

King’s recent statement against diversity insults Iowa and the United States.

Today, in light of Representative Steve King’s tweet saying “diversity is not our strength” and warning against “mixing cultures,” the Iowa Democratic Party is calling on Governor Kim Reynolds to immediately remove him as Chair of her campaign and denounce his hateful comments.

Steve King’s ideology is not only a threat to the civility needed to have bipartisan debate, but an insult to the founding values of our country and the protections laid out in our Constitution.

“Governor Reynolds needs to do the right thing for the people of Iowa and immediately remove Steve King from her campaign committee,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price. “Steve King’s brand of racist, divisive politics is simply unacceptable and flies in the face of the values of fairness and community that unite Iowans. His presence as a leader if her campaign sends the message that Kim Reynolds believes our state should be free of any diversity.  If she truly believes that Iowa is welcome to all, then she must remove Steve King from her campaign, and do it immediately.”


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December 7th, 2017 Posted In: News

Reynolds’ For-Profit Private Medicaid Scheme is Failing Iowa.

There’s no excuse for Governor Reynolds to still be standing behind the failed ReynoldsCare Medicaid system. This week, the Iowa Democratic Party is throwing it back to when two of the state’s major newspapers called on the Governor to put aside partisan politics and fix a system that’s failing Iowans

“It’s clear that Iowans are getting crushed by ReynoldsCare, but Governor Reynolds won’t even acknowledge the extent of the problem,” said Iowa Democratic Party Spokesperson Tess Seger. “By continuing to deny the ReynoldsCare disaster, Governor Reynolds is putting politics ahead of the people of Iowa. Yet again, we see her misplaced priorities harming Iowa families.”

WATERLOO FALLS COURIER: Editorial: Iowa must right Medicaid ship

“Iowa’s switch from a well-run state program to privatization was the brainchild of former Gov. Terry Branstad — without legislative input — in December 2015. He cited undocumented savings of $51 million in the first six months, $110 million the first year and $232 million the next — fanciful then and now.”

“Now the DHS has given the Medicaid reins to Michael Randol, formerly head of KanCare, Kansas’ privatized Medicaid program, which the Obama administration determined was ‘substantially out of compliance.’ ”

“That doesn’t inspire confidence in Randol, aside from Kansas’ mind-boggling governmental incompetence.

With Gov. Kim Reynolds predicting, “We are anticipating another tough budget year,” it will be imperative for privatization supporters to right the Medicaid ship as soon as possible.”

DES MOINES REGISTER: Editorial: Medicaid managed care gone wild; DHS must slay the beast

“It’s official. The for-profit insurers contracted to manage Iowa’s Medicaid program can do anything. They are calling the shots while the Iowa Department of Human Services appears to have lost control over the $4 billion program it is supposed to oversee. 

Isn’t DHS director Jerry Foxhoven tired of scrambling to cobble together “fixes” in response to the demands and whims of private insurers? 

Iowans are sure tired of it.”

“Welcome to “modernized” Medicaid, Iowa. 

Foisted on 600,000 people by a governor who now lives in China, privatization has delivered daily uncertainty for the vulnerable and forced state workers to pluck ideas from thin air to accommodate private insurance companies pocketing millions of precious public health dollars for administration. 

Who knows what change DHS will announce tomorrow or next week. 

What is known: Patients have lost access to care. Health providers stiffed by for-profit insurers have closed their doors. Taxpayers are funding everything, including the postage on hundreds of thousands of mailings to try to keep Iowans apprised of never-ending changes. And even top state officials seem unaware of what the future holds. 

Gov. Kim Reynolds can put an end to the madness. So can DHS director Foxhoven. So can the federal government. So can voters.”


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