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Convention Info:

The county conventions will be held on Saturday, March 24th.  Contact your county chair for more info.  The Delegates to the County Convention are those Democrats who were elected as a Delegate at their precinct caucus on February 5th. Alternate Delegates who were elected on caucus night may be seated as a Delegate in their precinct or their county if a duly elected Delegate does not attend the County Convention. Delegates and Alternates will receive a Call to Convention notice from their County Credentials Committee.


Convention Schedule:

  • County Conventions: Saturday, March 24th 
  • District Conventions: Saturday, April 28th
  • State Convention: Saturday, June 16th

County Convention Documents:

Constituency Caucus Sign-up Form

2018 County Convention Guide

2018 County Convention Guide attachments

2014 & 2016 Sample Rules

2018 Delegate Apportionment to District and State Conventions

Convention Booklets:

Black Hawk County

Cass County

Clinton County

Dubuque County

Hamilton County

Johnson County

Polk County

Pottawattamie County

Sac County

Union County

Union Co Platform